ANNOUNCEMENT: Tiny House Planning Resource LAUNCHED!

We're excited to announce the launch of a document we've been working on in collaboration with ESC Consulting, Plannery Co., Q Shelter, Griffith University and Tiny Consulting. We hope it offers some food for thought and further discussions. The document is free to download and you're encouraged to share it around.

Download it here:
A Place For Tiny Houses: Exploring the possibilities


This is an important step in our ongoing efforts to bring the potential of tiny houses to the attention of councils, planners and other government authorities.

"This Tiny House Planning Resource (the Resource) aims to assist planners, policy makers and the wider community to better understand the emerging Tiny House movement within Australia and sets out to explore the model’s potential to contribute to greater choice in housing supply and diversity.

The current planning and building regulatory environment for Tiny House options is highly uncertain and varies significantly from locality to locality and state to state. This creates confusion for the market, consumers and regulators, and leads to ad hoc outcomes.

This Resource suggests ways that the housing model can promote good planning and construction outcomes (i.e. flexible, well designed, affordable and safe) for the community. The Resource is intended to facilitate further thought and discussion on how an appropriate regulatory framework can be achieved."