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The 'Chrysalis' model is what's is often referred to as a tiny house 'shell' - framed, clad, and water-tight with all doors and windows installed. At $49,000 this is a cost effective option for those wishing to do their own interior fit-out.

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Leave the most crucial aspects of a tiny house build to the professionals and carry on the fit-out yourself with the confidence of knowing that you're starting with a robust, water-tight, and accurately built base.

This model does not include any wall insulation, internal lining, cabinetry, or internal plumbing or electrical components.

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Designed for our harsh climate

Rest easy almost anywhere in Australia knowing that our tiny houses have been engineered to suit up to Australian Standard wind classification C2 (cyclonic!).

Doors and windows are carefully located to maximise cross-ventilation, all walls and roof are well insulated, and our durable and low-maintenance cladding and flashing is installed meticulously to ensure the house retains a water tight seal at all times.



To ensure a beautiful, structurally sound and lasting product we insist on working with qualified professionals and tradespeople at all points of the build, employing engineers, designers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, auto electricians, and trailer manufacturers.