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Lara was recently interviewed on Channel 10's national program 'The Living Room'

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The following is a list of some of the speaking engagements and publications that we have been involved in since forming The Tiny House Company.


PEPPERMINT MAGAZINE  /  August 2016  /  'Small Packages'  -  4 page feature article, story by Desta Cullen, photos by Natalie McComas

SANCTUARY MAGAZINE  /  Summer 2016-17, Issue 37  /  'Within City Limits  -  5 page feature article, story by Emma Scragg

THE OWNER BUILDER MAGAZINE  /  Februrary-March 2017  /  'Shifting landscape for the Tiny House on Wheels'  -  4 page feature article (and magazine cover), story by Rikki Pieters and Valerie Bares

UQ CONTACT MAGAZINE  /  Summer 2016  /  'Big Dreams, Tiny Houses'  -  2 page feature article

HOUSING MAGAZINE  /  November 2016  /  'Tiny houses, big ambitions'  -  2 page feature article

THE COURIER MAIL  /  August 2016  /  'Small Space, Big Style'  -  Short article on Lara Nobel, words by Reshni Ratnam

QUEST NEWS  /  October 16, 2016  /  'Big Ideas in Tiny House'  -  Short article, words by Leah Kidd


AWARDS  /  EmAGN DARCH Horse Award, 'Urban Provocateur' Category (2016)

PUBLIC LECTURE  /  Woodford Folk Festival 2015-16  /  6 part lecture series on the design and construction of small spaces, week-long open house, daily tours of the tiny house on display at the festival

PUBLIC LECTURE  /  TedX SouthBank 2016  /  Lara Nobel's talk about compact space design and the tiny house movement in Australia

PUBLIC LECTURE  /  State Library of Queensland, March 2016  /  Lecture and panel discussion as part of a University of Queensland architecture lecture series

PUBLIC LECTURE  /  Australian Institute of Architects, Brisbane Office, March 2017  /  Lecture and Q&A about tiny houses in Australia


NEWS REPORT  /  ABC News QLD, November 12, 2015  /  Report on tiny houses and housing affordability in Australia


ABC LOCAL RADIO  /  August 27, 2015  /  Interview with Rhianna Patrick

ABC LOCAL RADIO  / October 10, 2015  /  Interview with Kelly Higgins-Devine

ABC LOCAL RADIO  /  December 2015  /  Interview between lectures at the Woodford Folk Festival

ABC RADIO NATIONAL  /  November 25, 2016  /  Interview on 'The World Today' program

4BC LOCAL RADIO  /  December 2015  /  Interview with Kevin Turner on Real Estate program

4ZZZ LOCAL RADIO  /  March 2016  / Interview with Scott Mercer on 'Exit Stage Zed' program


NATIONAL NEWS  /  ABC News, November 25, 2016  /  'How a young Brisbane family with a baby live in an 18-square-metre tiny house', story by Nance Haxton

NATIONAL NEWS  /  Daily Mail Australia, October 19, 2016  /  'The house that fits in two carpark spaces!', story by Laura House

LOCAL NEWS  /  ABC News QLD, November 13, 2015  /  'Tiny house gives Queensland families new take on Australian dream', story by Andree Withey

LOCAL NEWS  /  Quest Community News, Courier Mail, October 16, 2016  /  'Brisbane Property: Living bigger isn't always better according to Tiny House Company founders', story by Leah Kidd

LOCAL NEWS  /  Digital Brisbane, August 11, 2016  /  'Brisbane duo's tiny houses making big impact'

LOCAL NEWS  /  Quest Community News, Courier Mail, December 2, 2016  /  'Couple living in a tiny house in a friend's yard win appeal against Brisbane City Council', story by Jasmin Lill

GENERAL INTEREST  /  The Huffington Post, December 7, 2016  /  'Inside the tiny house with two architects and a baby'

GENERAL INTEREST  /  Today Home, September 3, 2016  /  'This mini modern home is just 194-square-feet - see inside!', story by Tamara Armstrong

GENERAL INTEREST  /  9Homes, October 21, 2016  /  'Take a tour of the young Brisbane couple's tiny home'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Domain, December 5, 2016  /  'Backyard builders win right to keep 'tiny home' in Brisbane yard'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Domain, November 26, 2016  /  '10 of the world's best tiny homes' (listed as number 2, though it's not a very comprehensive list!)

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Houzz, July 21, 2016  /  'Tiny Houzz Tour: Design fundamentals makes small-scale living generous'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Houzz, October 22, 2016  /  'How to style your tiny house'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Houzz, January 3, 2017  /  'Cool ideas to borrow from tiny houses'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Queensland Homes, January 25, 2017  /  'Embrace a new way of living: The Tiny House Company'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Breezeway, July 14, 2016  /  'The tiny house project, Affordable & functional'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Homeloans, July 21, 2016  /  'What's all the fuss with tiny houses?'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  SL Design Online, April 19, 2016  /  'Review: UQ Architecture lecture with Lara Nobel and Andrew Carter

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  The Builder's Wife, June 11, 2016  /  'My trade story with Lara Nobel'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  ESC Consulting, November 18, 2016  /  'Landmark precedent for the tiny house on wheels'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  UQ School of Architecture, December 8, 2016  /  'From little things, big things grow: Tiny house rise to success

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Mous Magazine, November 26, 2015  /  'Tiny House'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  ArchFly, December 13, 2015  /  'Tiny home has one incredible space-saving feature you must see'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Weekend Notes, October 15, 2016  /  'Go green by exploring compact living'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Tiny House Talk, January 27, 2017  /  'The Portal by The Tiny House Company in Australia'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Tiny House Town, December 2, 2016  /  'The Tiny House Company Home'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Tiny House Community, January 12, 2017  /  'Couple wins right to keep tiny house in backyard of larger Brisbane, Australia property'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Wee Make Change, June 9, 2016  /  'Tiny house bed that lifts away with a touch of a button'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Tiny House For Us, April 11, 2016  /  'Modern tiny home with some incredibly smart design features'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Tiny House Listings, December 10, 2015  /  'Tiny house with remote controlled bed and removable deck'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Tiny Central, November 28, 2015/  '193 sq ft tiny house built in Brisbane, Australia'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Tiny House Talk, November 29, 2015  /  'Modern Australian tiny house on wheels with a bed lift'