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Rikki and Valerie of ESC Consulting have recently published an excellent article at The Fifth Estate about the broader questions around tiny houses and some of the wonderful work they have been doing behind the scenes to further the movement.

Read all about it here -


The following is a list of some of the speaking engagements and publications that we have been involved in since forming The Tiny House Company.


PEPPERMINT MAGAZINE  /  August 2016  /  'Small Packages'  -  4 page feature article, story by Desta Cullen, photos by Natalie McComas

SANCTUARY MAGAZINE  /  Summer 2016-17, Issue 37  /  'Within City Limits  -  5 page feature article, story by Emma Scragg

THE OWNER BUILDER MAGAZINE  /  Februrary-March 2017  /  'Shifting landscape for the Tiny House on Wheels'  -  4 page feature article (and magazine cover), story by Rikki Pieters and Valerie Bares

UQ CONTACT MAGAZINE  /  Summer 2016  /  'Big Dreams, Tiny Houses'  -  2 page feature article

HOUSING MAGAZINE  /  November 2016  /  'Tiny houses, big ambitions'  -  2 page feature article

THE COURIER MAIL  /  August 2016  /  'Small Space, Big Style'  -  Short article on Lara Nobel, words by Reshni Ratnam

QUEST NEWS  /  October 16, 2016  /  'Big Ideas in Tiny House'  -  Short article, words by Leah Kidd


AWARDS  /  EmAGN DARCH Horse Award, 'Urban Provocateur' Category (2016)

PUBLIC LECTURE  /  Woodford Folk Festival 2015-16  /  6 part lecture series on the design and construction of small spaces, week-long open house, daily tours of the tiny house on display at the festival

PUBLIC LECTURE  /  TedX SouthBank 2016  /  Lara Nobel's talk about compact space design and the tiny house movement in Australia

PUBLIC LECTURE  /  State Library of Queensland, March 2016  /  Lecture and panel discussion as part of a University of Queensland architecture lecture series

PUBLIC LECTURE  /  Australian Institute of Architects, Brisbane Office, March 2017  /  Lecture and Q&A about tiny houses in Australia


NEWS REPORT  /  ABC News QLD, November 12, 2015  /  Report on tiny houses and housing affordability in Australia


ABC LOCAL RADIO  /  August 27, 2015  /  Interview with Rhianna Patrick

ABC LOCAL RADIO  / October 10, 2015  /  Interview with Kelly Higgins-Devine

ABC LOCAL RADIO  /  December 2015  /  Interview between lectures at the Woodford Folk Festival

ABC RADIO NATIONAL  /  November 25, 2016  /  Interview on 'The World Today' program

4BC LOCAL RADIO  /  December 2015  /  Interview with Kevin Turner on Real Estate program

4ZZZ LOCAL RADIO  /  March 2016  / Interview with Scott Mercer on 'Exit Stage Zed' program


NATIONAL NEWS  /  ABC News, November 25, 2016  /  'How a young Brisbane family with a baby live in an 18-square-metre tiny house', story by Nance Haxton

NATIONAL NEWS  /  Daily Mail Australia, October 19, 2016  /  'The house that fits in two carpark spaces!', story by Laura House

LOCAL NEWS  /  ABC News QLD, November 13, 2015  /  'Tiny house gives Queensland families new take on Australian dream', story by Andree Withey

LOCAL NEWS  /  Quest Community News, Courier Mail, October 16, 2016  /  'Brisbane Property: Living bigger isn't always better according to Tiny House Company founders', story by Leah Kidd

LOCAL NEWS  /  Digital Brisbane, August 11, 2016  /  'Brisbane duo's tiny houses making big impact'

LOCAL NEWS  /  Quest Community News, Courier Mail, December 2, 2016  /  'Couple living in a tiny house in a friend's yard win appeal against Brisbane City Council', story by Jasmin Lill

GENERAL INTEREST  /  The Huffington Post, December 7, 2016  /  'Inside the tiny house with two architects and a baby'

GENERAL INTEREST  /  Today Home, September 3, 2016  /  'This mini modern home is just 194-square-feet - see inside!', story by Tamara Armstrong

GENERAL INTEREST  /  9Homes, October 21, 2016  /  'Take a tour of the young Brisbane couple's tiny home'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Domain, December 5, 2016  /  'Backyard builders win right to keep 'tiny home' in Brisbane yard'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Domain, November 26, 2016  /  '10 of the world's best tiny homes' (listed as number 2, though it's not a very comprehensive list!)

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Houzz, July 21, 2016  /  'Tiny Houzz Tour: Design fundamentals makes small-scale living generous'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Houzz, October 22, 2016  /  'How to style your tiny house'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Houzz, January 3, 2017  /  'Cool ideas to borrow from tiny houses'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Queensland Homes, January 25, 2017  /  'Embrace a new way of living: The Tiny House Company'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Breezeway, July 14, 2016  /  'The tiny house project, Affordable & functional'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Homeloans, July 21, 2016  /  'What's all the fuss with tiny houses?'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  SL Design Online, April 19, 2016  /  'Review: UQ Architecture lecture with Lara Nobel and Andrew Carter

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  The Builder's Wife, June 11, 2016  /  'My trade story with Lara Nobel'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  ESC Consulting, November 18, 2016  /  'Landmark precedent for the tiny house on wheels'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  UQ School of Architecture, December 8, 2016  /  'From little things, big things grow: Tiny house rise to success

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Mous Magazine, November 26, 2015  /  'Tiny House'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  ArchFly, December 13, 2015  /  'Tiny home has one incredible space-saving feature you must see'

SPECIAL INTEREST  /  Weekend Notes, October 15, 2016  /  'Go green by exploring compact living'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Tiny House Talk, January 27, 2017  /  'The Portal by The Tiny House Company in Australia'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Tiny House Town, December 2, 2016  /  'The Tiny House Company Home'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Tiny House Community, January 12, 2017  /  'Couple wins right to keep tiny house in backyard of larger Brisbane, Australia property'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Wee Make Change, June 9, 2016  /  'Tiny house bed that lifts away with a touch of a button'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Tiny House For Us, April 11, 2016  /  'Modern tiny home with some incredibly smart design features'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Tiny House Listings, December 10, 2015  /  'Tiny house with remote controlled bed and removable deck'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Tiny Central, November 28, 2015/  '193 sq ft tiny house built in Brisbane, Australia'

TINY HOUSE WEBSITES  /  Tiny House Talk, November 29, 2015  /  'Modern Australian tiny house on wheels with a bed lift'