As of 2019, The Tiny House Company will no longer be building tiny houses on wheels.

Thank you all so much for your support. After a very challenging and deeply fulfilling few years we’ve decided that The Tiny House Company has been most effective offering custom design and build services, as opposed to standardised products (ie. tiny houses on wheels). For the next year we have some exciting projects to sink our teeth into. We’re setting our sights on the themes of co-housing, inter-generational housing, and the design and construction of thoughtful, beautiful little homes.

Greg’s going to carry on his fine work leading the team at Greg Thornton Constructions. Lara and Andrew are the design team who are always keen to get their tool belts on and work as carpenters too. In the “past projects” tab you will find some of the projects we have completed as team over the past few years including the tiny house designs we have had on offer and we will continue adding projects in there as we complete them. We will continue to specialise in compact design and small homes.

As we are not planning to build more transportable homes, our build work (and also most of our design work) will be limited to Brisbane and Southeast Queensland.

If you are local and have a small to medium size design/build project, we are interested to hear more about it, but unfortunately we are unable to take on any new work until mid 2019 at the earliest.

All the very best,

Greg, Lara and Andrew