We’re a mixed group – two architectural graduates, a carpenter and builder who co-founded The Tiny House Company in Brisbane in the hope of making sustainable and liveable housing alternatives for modern Australians.

Because we come from different professional backgrounds, we've brought with us a range of experiences, making us a well rounded team. 



Greg’s decades of construction experience and broad understanding of the trades gives him the confidence to take on unusual challenges. This, combined with his relentless optimism, has led him quite naturally to building tiny houses on wheels. In running his own construction company, Greg Thornton Constructions, Greg has focussed mostly on architecturally designed houses and understands the value of careful detailing and effective collaboration between the trades in executing a design.

QBCC License No. 745093


After completing a Masters degree in Architecture, Lara transitioned to an apprenticeship in carpentry to gain some hands-on experience. Lara loves a challenge, so as a carpenter struggling to enter one the world’s least affordable housing markets she saw tiny houses as an exciting solution. Lara has gone on to win numerous awards both for her trade and design and now splits her time between designing and building tiny houses, tutoring architecture at university, and advocating for tiny houses. 

Architect Registration 5447

QBCC Trade Contractor license no. 15096944 


Since completing his Masters degree in Architecture in 2010, Andrew has worked in architecture firms, researched and tutored architectural theory at the University of Queensland, and worked in landscaping and construction. Now a qualified carpenter, Andrew enjoys applying this cross-discipline approach to designing and building houses. He has a particular interest in, and is actively involved in, advocacy for alternative housing solutions.

Photo courtesy of Reuben Warburton

Photo courtesy of Reuben Warburton

Photo courtesy of Reuben Warburton

Photo courtesy of Reuben Warburton

We’ve formed a solid crew of tradespeople share our passion for new solutions to create sustainable housing.

Our lead carpenter and foreman Julian Warburton is arguably one of Australia's most experienced tiny house builders, now with a variety of challenging builds under his belt. He brings with him decades of experience in the construction industry, specialist knowledge of roofing and custom flashing details, and a keen eye for detail.