What is a Tiny House? 

While there are so many different definitions and products on the market, we specialise in compact, fully functioning and transportable dwellings. Our interest is in compact spaces, whatever form or application they take.

We offer high-end design and construction at an affordable and low-impact scale. Inherently flexible, our tiny houses suit a variety of short or long term applications - the possibilities are endless!


Why buy a Tiny House? 

The Tiny House movement is already booming in the US and with housing needs changing and diversifying rapidly here in Australia, more and more people are finding a smaller scale dwelling suits their needs. 

Our small, movable homes are all about flexibility and freedom. For some, it’s the freedom to live a well-balanced life by purchasing something small within their means rather than relying on a mortgage.

For others, it’s the flexibility of being able to change the size, function and location of an existing home as the need arises. 


Our Team

We were co-founded in Brisbane by a mixed group of two architectural graduates and a carpenter and builder.

Though we come from different professional backgrounds and have a varied set of skills, we were drawn together by our shared concern for the environmental impacts of current housing norms as well as a sense of optimism for future adoption of more environmentally conscious housing alternatives.

Together, we’ve formed a solid crew of tradespeople who share our passion for new solutions to create sustainable, liveable housing.


Soon, we'll be unveiling our new Display Tiny House using our latest design, with thanks to the following suppliers and their generosity.