By popular demand, we've modified our 'Portal' design to suit a fixed granny flat application. At 26m², it is a compact dwelling with the same detailing and aesthetic qualities of our 'Portal Tiny House on Wheels', but also with the added privacy and flexibility of a separate room.

We've also increased the width of the main space to allow greater flexibility and a more generous bathroom.

Please note: The photographs included below are from our 'Portal Tiny House on Wheels' - They are intended to show the detailing and material qualities of the design, but the space itself is slightly different (larger than shown in the photographs). They are intended for reference only.

Contact us about inclusions and customisation

If you'd like to know more about options for pre-fabrication/onsite construction, inclusions, delivery, and customisation, please get in contact with us and tell us more about the site you have in mind.

Please note that this design is intended for longer-term establishment and is not built on a trailer. Contact your local authorities or engage a consultant (we can recommend some) to find out more about the necessary approvals for a granny flat or small studio in your area.

For more information on the design features, materials and detailing, please have a look here at the design page for the original 'Portal Tiny House on Wheels'.