What is a Tiny House?

The term 'tiny house' is most commonly used to describe a compact dwelling that is transportable and therefore inherently flexible in how it can be used. Our tiny houses are built on trailers for road registration so they can be delivered to your door and moved around within and between sites as required.

While people are interested in tiny houses for various reasons, most are drawn to the flexibility and freedom they offer. For some, it’s the freedom to live a well-balanced life by purchasing something small within their means rather than relying on a mortgage. For others, it’s the flexibility of being able to change the size, function and location of a home as the need arises.

Whether serving as an affordable primary dwelling or augmenting your existing housing stock as an extra studio/living room/granny flat, tiny houses on wheels can help to fill a great void in our housing market.

Tiny Houses in the media

The past few years have seen a lot of buzz around tiny houses in the media and our own work has been featured many publications including the ABC, Channel 9, Channel 10's The Living Room, The Huffington Post, Daily Mail Australia, The Courier Mail, Domain, Houzz, and many more. Click here for an extended list of our media appearances.

Our Team

We were co-founded in Brisbane by a mixed group of two architectural graduates and a carpenter and builder.

Though we come from different professional backgrounds and have a varied set of skills, we were drawn together by our shared concern for the environmental impacts of current housing norms as well as a sense of optimism for future adoption of more environmentally conscious housing alternatives.

Together, we’ve formed a solid crew of tradespeople who share our passion for new solutions to create sustainable, liveable housing.

The development of our latest Tiny House models was made possible by the generosity and support of the following suppliers and sponsors.