General questions

Do you have a completed tiny house available for viewing?

At the moment we don’t have a display house for you to visit. We are working on building a display of our newest design, 'Pod C'. Until that's done and available for tours your best bet is to have a look on this page which gives an overview of the design and some animated walk-throughs as well

Can I come and visit your workshop?

Our workshop space at Salisbury does not have any display tiny houses. Often we do have one or more tiny houses in construction but for health and safety reasons we can't afford to open the workshop up to the public. Visits must remain strictly by appointment only so that we can ensure the safety of everyone on site.

To arrange an appointment at the Salisbury workshop to discuss buying a tiny house please send and email and give us the following info: the model you are interested in including any extras you may be keen on, where you intend on siting the house and your rough timeframe for the build.

Please understand that we've been swamped by visitors in the past - we know there aren't many built examples of tiny houses out there to see, but we're quite stretched for time as a small business. At this point we must limit our visits to those genuinely interested in purchasing a tiny house.

Do you run tiny house workshops or training sessions?

We have done in the past and feel that it was a worthwhile event. There's a lot of work involved in planning a well-executed workshop and the only reason we haven't done another is that we've been flat out with a few deadlines for tiny house builds. If you're interested in attending future workshops, please send us an email and let us know so we can put your name down on the waiting list. At this stage we don't have any dates planned for future workshops though.

Can I build my own?

Absolutely, but keep in mind it is far more complicated than it may seem. Make sure you do your research and feel free to ask us for advice.

Our products

How long does it take to build a tiny house?

Typically a complete tiny house will take 2-3 months from start to finish, depending a little on demand and availability of some of the major elements such as the trailer.

How big is the tiny house?

Overall dimensions = 2.5 x 7.5m, with a 3.5m ceiling. It is maximum 4.2m from the road.

Do you also build tiny houses that are not on wheels?

We can build the tiny house modules on fixed footings instead of a trailer. While not so flexible, this achieves cost savings in that no trailer is required.

Do I need any special permits to drive it on the road?

The house is registered to be towed on the road and doesn't need a permit. No escort vehicles are required when you want to drive. It is also easy to put the house on footings for a more permanent solution.

Is the Portal model still for sale?

Unfortunately the Portal model is no longer available for purchase. While we were very pleased with the result, we've chosen to focus all of our energy on our latest design, the 'Pods', which we believe build on what we've learned from our first design and do a better job of providing a home that is genuinely affordable for more people.

Do you sell plans for your tiny house designs?

Unfortunately not. We've had a lot of requests to purchase plans and have considered it but there are too many complexities involved in producing a comprehensive document that effectively communicates the design to an audience of unknown experience in construction.

Is the retractable bed available for purchase separately?

This bed was designed by Nathan Nostaw in collaboration with The Tiny House Company. As the design is his property we will leave it to him to answer this one. If you're interested in purchasing the bed separately, please email us and we can put you in contact with Nathan directly.

Do your tiny houses come with solar power?

We are working on an off-grid electrical package to cffer. At this stage we build our tiny houses wired ready for solar.

How often will I need to change the composting toilet chamber?

As a rough guide, two adults with full-time use could expect to change the chamber every six months.

Why is the bed up there (in the 'Portal' model)?

For many people climbing up to a loft with a very low ceiling height is only fun for a few weeks. Our bed lowers down over the couch at the push of a button for easy access and a comfortable nights sleep.

How much do they weigh?

A tiny house of this size can weigh anywhere between 3t and 4.5t. Our 'Pod' models are built to stay below 3.5t so that a roader range of vehicles can safely tow them. The 'Portal' model has heavier detailing and comes in at just under 4.5t - you need a pretty serious towing vehicle for this one. We use a Ford F-250.

How does the deck work for transport (in the 'Portal' model)?

The modular deck and roof comes in parts and is bolted together. It can be packed down or set up in about 2 hours.

How is waste and greywater treated?

There are several options for waste treatment, but the most common for tiny houses on wheels is a combination of a composting toilet and greywater treatment system. The composting toilet diverts liquid waste and turns solid waste into compost. The models we use are Australian made and approved for use in all states, operate odour-free, and can save 35,000L of water per year.
Greywater and blackwater can be treated by a series of filters and grease traps. Generally speaking, the end product is certified for direct release into the landscape, though we do advise that you check with your local council for any specific requirements for off-grid treatment of waste.

How often will I need to empty the composting toilet chamber?

According to both the manufacturer and our own testing, you can expect two people to have to swap over the chamber roughly every 6 months.

What are my options for going off-grid?

Our tiny houses are built ready for an off-grid installation. There is capacity for 2x 9kg gas bottles to fuel your cooktop, oven and hot water. The house is wired for solar and/or connection to mains power. The grey water system and composting toilet means you won't need to connect to sewerage. Once sited, a rainwater tank would be required, or the house can also be connected to town water.

Laws and regulations for tiny houses

Do councils approve of tiny houses on wheels / where can I park a tiny house on wheels?

Our tiny houses are built on trailers so the rules that apply to caravans also apply here. The rules around living in caravans and other transportable dwellings on private land generally exist at a local council level so it's not possible to make broad statements about what's allowed. While some regional councils are actively welcoming tiny houses on wheels, others are more cautious and even resistant.

We recommend that you contact the council call centre in the area you're interested in and ask them directly. If they aren't aware of the term 'tiny house', ask them about caravan laws as they are generally interchangeable.

This is a constantly evolving area of regulation and are currently involved in discussions with local council and state representatives. It's a slow process but we will keep you posted about our progress via our website.

Media, marketing, volunteering and sponsorship

Can I speak to you about an article/media request?

Yes, please send us an email outlining what you have in mind and we can send you relevant info and talk more. We have high resolution photos and comopany info available on request.

I'd like to offer my marketing and/or technical services - are you interested?

Thanks for the offer, but at this stage we have no need for any help in this area.

Are there any volunteering opportunities with The Tiny House Company?

Firstly thanks very much for the offer. We've had a lot of people offering to help out and we really do appreciate it. In the office the way we're structured and the work we do doesn't lend itself very well to taking on any more help, even from people generously offering their help for free. In the workshop we're not currently able to take on any volunteers for insurance reasons. It's a big open-plan space that we operate in and it would be difficult to keep an eye on everything at once and ensure safety around all the potentially dangerous equipment. We know this is not what you wanted to hear and we wish that it wasn't the case. Thanks again.

Are there any carpentry apprenticeship positions available at The Tiny House Company?

We're not currently in need of any apprentices but if you'd like to contact us and put your name on the list for future consideration please do so.

I'm interested in sponsoring your product/business - what are my options?

Please contact us by phone or email to discuss this further. While we are selective in the products we would consider endosing it's certainly worth getting in touch with us. Over the past 18 months we've had a lot of media attention for our products. Have a look on the 'MEDIA > LIST OF PAST MEDIA APPEARANCES' for some examples.