- base model $79,000

Pod C is a fully functioning tiny house on wheels designed with a clean, modern aesthetic. As a base model it provides an affordable starting point that can comfortably accomodate one or two people.

The key to this model is that it has been designed to grow and expand with you as your needs change and your budget grows. The structure, spatial arrangement and functionality have been designed to accommodate a range of optional extras. The design is 'future-proofed' so that later additions don't crowd the space and look like after-thoughts.

Extend kitchen cabinetry, add storage, a loft, shelving, various furniture arrangements - it's all been thought out in advance.


We believe that flexibility is a crucial aspect of successful affordable housing. In small spaces it becomes absolutely essential.

Pod C is designed with this in mind. The space has been tested for functionality and aesthetics for a range of furniture arrangements, optional window/door upgrades and additions, and additional cabinetry. We've also ensured there's ample room to make it your own with clear wall space in sensible locations for TVs and pictures to be hung.


Note: Image shows optional extras included at an additional cost to the base price of $79,000

Note: Image shows optional extras included at an additional cost to the base price of $79,000

The external form features a butterfly roof which forms a unique box gutter with a downpipe integrated behind a timber batten screen. Unlike many tiny houses on wheels, this allows for generous sized gutters and downpipes to remain connected during transport. Black stained plywood cladding, corrugated sheeting, and feature clear-finished ply and colour panels complete the modern Australian aesthetic.

Please note - The image above shows some of the optional extras included, the images below show the base model for Pod C. Details of inclusions, specifications and optional extras are available here.

'Pod C' SketchUp file

The SketchUp file (.skp) for 'Pod C' is available for free download here. Please note, this 3D model has been developed for spatial design only and is not fit for construction.