Granny flat / rental unit

We believe a person’s home should be able to change as their needs change; to expand, contract, re-organise, and even move if the need arises. 

Compact, moveable homes can supplement existing housing beautifully, without the usual expenses and developmental hurdles.

They can provide:
- A studio space for hobbies and visiting guests
- A space for dependant and semi-dependant family members
- More independence for members of the household
- A discrete, manageable rental space (Airbnb studio)
- A space in which to downsize from an ‘empty nest’ without having to leave the place you call ‘home’ (ie. park the tiny house out the back and rent out the old house).

Off-grid dwelling

For the free-spirited, the nature lovers, and those without affordable access to grid services.

Where grid infrastructure exists, fixed and permanent dwellings often must be connected to it, regardless of the user’s wishes. Transportable dwellings bypass this requirement, and the small scale makes passive, off-grid systems particularly effective.





Studio / office / retail fitout

A studio space – discrete, manageable, and just enough to run your home business in piece.

An office, just how you like it, that lets you take your business with you.

A mobile retail space for markets, festivals and large events…complete with demountable outdoor deck space.



Temporary accommodation / relief housing

Tiny houses on wheels are perfectly suited for temporary and relief housing - they can be shuffled and re-organised as the need arises.

Perhaps you’re planning your bigger dream home and want to live on-site during construction, or get to know the land while you’re still designing – keep it there and it’ll make the perfect granny flat when you’re done!