Our interest is in compact spaces, whatever form or application they take. Of course, living in small dwellings is nothing new (most of the world already does it) but here in Australia we’ve lost our way – just look at the figures. Our houses are among the world’s largest.

Our housing needs are changing – diversifying – and it’s time the housing market caught up and offered some more alternatives to the ‘just in case we need it’ suburban 4-bedder.

Small, movable homes are all about flexibility and freedom. For some, it’s the freedom to live a well-balanced life by purchasing something small within their means rather than relying on a crippling mortgage. For others it’s the flexibility of being able to change the size and function of an existing home as the need arises – a granny flat for family dependants, an additional rental property on-site, or a smaller home to downsize to once the kids have left.